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1x06 - Blowouts
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-In me the tiger sniffes the rose.

jaegermighty says: # X-MEN oh my goddd ok ok ok so rogue’s story is meant to be tragic and it is for sure but. but. think about the power of a girl who can’t be touched who doesn’t have to do /anything/ to be fearsome she just /exists/ and people are frightened nobody /ever/ touches her without permission because her touch is /deadly/ now think about 13 year old meagan watching this movie and all the ways that logan /does/touch her always carefully and reverently and always with that touch of hesitance and awe because he knows her power and he respects it but he’s also not AFRAID OF IT look at his face. look at him looking at her hand and thinking ‘do it. take it all. you deserve it.’ GOD is it any wonder this is what we shipped?? the deadliest girl in the worldand a man like wolverine - arguably the main focus of the franchise even back then - who spends the ENTIRE MOVIE being threatened and hurt b and not giving one single shit because he could take it and she needed it and that’s all that mattered UGH this movie like. modern classic tbh as much as i love comic!rogue characterization bryan singer created something really powerful with this incarnation of her and it had so much potential to be a really cool commentary on gender and power dynamics and all that and of course he just ignored it. sure. ok.

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