• being in a fandom long term: urrrrrrrrrrgh not this shitty argument again we've covered this
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22 Jump Street trailer (x)

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You think your world is safe. It is an illusion. A comforting lie told to protect you. Enjoy these final moments of peace. For I have returned. To have my vengeance.

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Fic: First Blush [2/7]


Title: First Blush
Fandom: Ravenous/Operation Endgame
WCount: 5,849
Pairing: Hiero/Ives
Rating: FR18
Disclaimer: I do not own Operation: Endgame, Ravenous or any of their characters, or their settings - all belongs to their respective institutions.
Summary: Francis Ives has come to the town of Haven, Louisiana to take advantage of the recent disappearance of their Homecoming Queen. Posing as a priest, Ives soon installs himself into the community and chooses his first victim, loner Sarah Johnson. But Sarah is, too, using a façade, and the lonely cannibal finds himself entranced by the young woman that may know more about the Homecoming Queen’s disappearance than she’s telling…

So this is part two! Note that this chapter does really step up on the sex and violence. But it’s all good stuff! Big thanks to 3pirouette who had a look over parts of this chapter and all of this next chapter. 

Also, there are two ‘easter eggs’ buried within this chapter. Just silly little references. If anyone guesses them, I’ll write you a fic! 

Enjoy! :D 

Chapter One + Chapter Two


Sweetheart, this is the best….I think this is slowly climbing up to claim its throne as "BEST CROSSOVER EVER" 

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DD said I should give you a snippet of H/I


So here you are. I always listen to DD. 

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Gabby Douglas - Balance Beam - 2012 Olympics - Day 6

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  • You’ve Ruined Me. Abandoned by father and country, Belle needs a home, but she returns changed. They seek an answer: can the ruined find solace? Who can know?
  • AU

others HERE

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