I’m breaking inside | rush/belle
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  • Short synopsis: Rush and Belle are lovers. After the events on Icarus Rush is trapped on Destiny, Belle on Earth.
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Your echoing heartbeat is all you leave behind

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shameless birthday spam for Ched [4/4]

Youth [Chapter 4] by wondertwinc

Belle rested her hands on his shoulders and squeezed, leaning down until she could brush her lips against his cheek in a quick kiss. Rush slowed in the tapping of his pencil as he stared at the screen, squinting just the slightest without his glasses. It was familiar with the rate his glasses kept breaking and she smiled, “I will be.”

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There’s no relief, I see you in my sleep 
And everybody’s rushing me, but I can feel you touching me 
There’s no release, I feel you in my dreams 
Telling me I’m fine

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You are the hole in my head 
you are the space in my bed 
you are the silence in between 
what I thought and what I said

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