I decided to step in and help a bit, made a video which you can download here and reupload on your YT channel:

This account is stealing hundreds of videos and uploading them on their own channel. Please help me and together we can try to take this account down. THANK YOU!!

05.20.2014 / +28

Neal Cassidy

a plot device till the end.

03.31.2014 / +12

That’s a bit much Photoshop on some of these promo pics (especially Emilie’s close-ups) but all in all they’ve learned from the last debacle

02.05.2014 / +6

ABC To Air Some Dramas In Two Batches Of 12 Episodes Next Season

ABC is changing things up in scheduling some of its serialized dramas. Taking a page from the cable model, the network will air what ABC president Paul Lee called “a selected group” of dramas in two uninterrupted runs, one in the fall and one in the spring, bridged by limited series.


05.14.2013 / +6

I thank the powers that be that there are no new OUAT episodes till fall.

I can try to not be angry (kinda disappointed bout the finale) and have no horribly written episodes I watch just because I feel I should.
Right now I don’t predict much screen time for Belle in season 3 (good on you writers, make her even less involved in the plot -.-) and well…THANK GOD for the longer hiatus now

05.13.2013 / +5

Now: The Tournament!

which won’t be over until 2…and then straight on till Morning…uhh… I mean OUAT

05.13.2013 /

Reposter Alarm!

ladysuperkiller is reposting EVERYTHING! no matter the fandom etc. (and unfortunately the blog has no ask box)
Make sure you DO NOT LIKE/REBLOG POSTS from this tumblr.

I am putting that in the OUAT/Rumbelle tag coz there’s been more than one repost already

SIGNAL BOOST this and let the others know!

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